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The King of Louisiana

Bill Compton

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Sexual The King of Louisiana

Post by Bill Compton on Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:54 pm

"You allowed yourself to be caught by the human authorities feeding on two un-willing victims. What would you expect me to do?" Bill said sternly at he sat behind his desk, his hands pressed firmly together resting on his nose. This was the third vampire this month to have been caught either or video or by the human authorities. Rumors had passed through Louisiana's surrounding Kingdom's that Bill Compton was a weak King, which angered him as he would not become a subject of a take over from another state such as Nevada who he knew had their eye on his Kingdom due to the amount of profits that it had been making since Queen Sophie Ann had met the True Death by his hand. He stood from his desk, his hands wrapped around his back as he paced back and forth, he knew what would have to be done, it was his duty to show that he was an able vampire for his position that still remained after the demise of the Vampire Authority.

"Hey man come on! It was like once. It won't happen again. I promise" the vampire prisoner promised with a clear hint of pure sarcasm.

"How can I take such a risk? You have been caught by the human authorities! It is my duty to uphold the law" Bill sneered back at him.

"You don't have to do anything. Just let me go. I will leave and never come back" he grinned back at him.

"And have you caught in another state? We have worked so that we can maintain a peaceful co-existence with humans. To live by their laws and our own. And you have violated both by being caught. Do you realize the complications of the situation you have put me in?" Bill continued to speak, pondering.

"Follow their laws? In case you have forgotten. We. Are. Vampires. We don't follow no one's rules except our own" he dribbled back at Bill, relaxing further into a chair opposite Bill's desk.

"No. We follow both sets of laws to avoid incidents like this! You forget. I am your King. And you disrespect me in my home!" Bill growled back at him.

"I know who you are. Your Bill Compton. Your the one that fell in love with a were. I heard the rumors, so is it true?" he grinned back at Bill.

"That is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!" Bill yelled back.

"So its true? Is she rough? Never been with a were. I bet she is a right animal in the sack" he smirked at Bill.

Bill produced a silver tipped stake from behind his back that had been tucked in to the top of his trousers, his fangs dropped as he raised the stake above his prisoner's heart and staked him, his face dropped and bubbled as he exploded into a puddle of goo and blood.

Bill had managed to avoid getting a lot of blood on him as he held the bloodied stake in his hand, watching as the blood and goo seeped across a Persian rug that would have to be replaced..again. Tossing the used stake onto his desk he walked around to his office phone and picked it up and dialed and waited for a moment until someone answered.

"Have a clean up crew in my office in ten minutes" he hung up the phone.

"Marie?" Bill called out.

A young girl with long chestnut hair entered Bill's office and looked on in horror as she saw the blood on the floor.

"Marie? *Bill said in a softer tone* Is this makes you uncomfortable being here?" he asked her.

"It's fine your Majesty. What can I do for you?" she asked sweetly.

"Can you make sure the clean up crew thoroughly clean my office?" he asked as he cleaned his hands on a handkerchief.

"Of course your majesty...Will there be anything else?" she asked politely.

"Have you heard from Sawyer and Taylor?" he asked as he picked up his cell from his desk.

"No sir, shall I follow up on that for you?" she asked Bill

"Please Marie. I would appreciate that. Thank you. You remember that when I am unavailable during the day, you are to stick with Ms Griffen" he smiled softly at Marie.

"Yes sire...Sire may i say something?" she asked again shyly, Bill found this unusual as she had never spoke to him out of term before.

"Of course, please" Bill encouraged her.

"Ms Griffen, she is a lovely girl. The staff and I have been talking..."

"Talking about Ms Griffen?" he asked curiously.

"Yes, we have all seen a great change in you your Majesty. She has made you happy" she smiled, unsure of how Bill would take this comment.

"Yes she has. Very happy. I am glad to know you all find her approving" he smiled at her again.

"Your welcome your Majesty" he bowed at him before retreating through a door behind her.

Bill smiled again, Marie was a loyal member of his day staff, he could trust her to be discreet with any thing that happened in home, and found that she was a delight to work with, and handled his work as King in the highest priority. She had been working for him when he was first appointed as King and Bill found that over time she was able to follow through on his tasks without fault, and the comment about Kiara made him smile. Had Kiara had such an effect on him that his staff were able to notice a change in him? Had Kiara changed him since he returned from his 'episode' in the Vampire Authority?

Only time would tell.

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