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Post by Bill Compton on Mon Jan 14, 2013 7:04 am


It seemed that today a very busy night for King Bill Compton, he had retreated to the lounge whilst the clean up crew attended to his office, they had been here for over an hour now. He had waited patiently as they were asked to pay special attention to all places in his office. This had been the third time this week they had been called to clean up his office due to having to grant the True Death to three vampires that had broken the law within the state of Louisiana. He could hear the clean up crew finish up as the smell of strong fragrances swirled around him in a misty haze, he screwed up his face as the smell, it wasn't a pleasant smell. He tried to ignore the smell and the scenes around him as he took a sip from a glass of blood and drained the remaining liquid from his glass. Sliding it onto a glass table in front of him, he went back to his laptop that laid sprawled out on his lap.


He had been searching this website on a regular basis as he did when he first found that it existed, and searching out the vampires that had been widely broadcast on the internet. With the amount of vampires that had been caught there would be a demise of a vampire population in Louisiana. He would need to let Eric Know about this so he was aware. Pulling out his cell and quickly typed in a message to Eric Northman letting him know of this website, he wanted this issue resolved as quickly as possible. Sending the message, he tossed his cell back onto the couch next to him as he quickly scanned through the rest of the website, watching the recently uploaded video's from both Louisiana and across various states.

From his previous episode he needed to make himself a more established King, he had slipped his reign's and he needed to get himself back to his full power or their was a risk that their could be a possible takeover from another state, he would need to arrange to speak to Northman about any situations that he had missed in his time away. There was so much that he needed to do to get himself back into the swing of things. These last few weeks with resolving issues with Jessica, Quinn and of course Kiara, in his own personal bubble that he did not want to leave, but he knew eventually he would have to, he needed to get his name back around as a stern King, that he was not going to take anymore 'crap' from no one.

Closing the laptop down he slid it onto the couch beside him and sighed heavily, Kiara was still asleep peacefully in his master bedroom, which he was glad. He needed tonight to get things back into a proper order.

"Marie!" Bill called from the lounge.

Moments later, Marie appeared by the entrance and bowed at him as he waved to her to enter as she did she stood before him, her arms locked at her side as she waited for him to speak.

"Marie, I have some matters that need my fullest attention. Ms Griffen is asleep in my chambers and I must go out. I would like you to stay with her until I return" he smiled at her.

"Yes, your Majesty. Is there anything else you sire?" she smiled sweetly at him.

"Has there been any news on Taylor and Sawyer?" he questioned.

"They have requested to meet you at Merlotte's Bar and Grill at 9:00pm this evening" she replied.

Bill looked at his watch, it was only just after 7:30, there was some time to wait until their meeting. He reached over and poured himself another glass of blood and raised his glass to his lips and sipped quietly.

"Thank you Marie, that's all" he smirked.

Marie bowed at him again before she retreated to go back to her nightly duties that she attended too. So tonight would be the night that he would arrange with Sawyer and James his requests, he only hoped that they would agree. As they were both very difficult to hire and were wanted across the state by many other vampires to work for them. Bill wanted, no needed them on his staff, not only for his sake, but for Kiara's.

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