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Tomorrow Was The Day

Bill Compton

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Sexual Tomorrow Was The Day

Post by Bill Compton on Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:59 am

Bill could feel it in his bones....the day would soon be upon him and he knew there was no way of escaping it, it followed him every where in his thoughts, to which it sunk into every part of his core. It crept through his veins like a poison that he had brought upon himself and for once he knew that he couldn't blame any other than himself. What happened all those years ago, was his fault. Even after all this time, the guilt still hung over him like a dagger, threatening to end him. And for once he knew that by letting it all out, it could destroy everything that he had built up for himself, for Kiara and for his progeny Jessica. After everything that he had told them about what he did whilst he was still a young vampire and with his Maker Lorena, he had never once told them this. It would ruin everything that they believed to be good about him, to show them that he was truly indeed a monster.

After all this time, he still believed himself to be a monster, a true monster and if this information ever became public knowledge, he would be sentenced to the True Death, as it was considered a crime, even now, even if it happened so long ago. Once upon a time, he would have welcomed to be punished for this crime that he committed, among the Vampire community it was against the law even for them. He could only imagine what Kiara and Jessica would think of him if they ever found out.

But it seemed that after so much time that had passed...Bill couldn't escape him past, there was no way to escape it.

Bill would live with this for the rest of eternity....but what about Christian?

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