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A Call To The Queen

Bill Compton

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Sexual A Call To The Queen

Post by Bill Compton on Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:59 am

Bill Compton continued to scan over the letter that Eric Northman had given to him during his visit to 'Fangtasia' to discuss his 'Queen' problem, he sat fully back i his chair as he continued to debate over how to approach the Queen of Oklahoma, Zafrina wasn't the most diplomatic of Royalty and always had her ways of how to approach what she wanted, and what she wanted was his Sheriff. True to his word, he would do what he could to make the problem disappear if he could, sway the Queen from taking Eric Northman from his area, especially as to when he was needed here due for the reasons that they both spoke of, and he knew it wouldn't please Sookie to know that he had not tried to keep him here. Scanning over the letter again as he took a mouthful from his crystal chute of blood that Kiara had provided for him;

King Compton.

I am formally requesting you surrender Sheriff Northman into my territory as I will take his hand in formal vampire marriage. As Eric Northman has not answered my requests I am now taking this to you in hopes that you will see the benefit of this union and order Northman to report to me immediately.

Bill felt his phone buzz, sighing at the disruption, he pulled out his cell; a voice-mail. Hitting the dial button he listen closely to the message.

“Bill, it’s Eric. I found….your little problem. I’m on the outskirts of Shreveport at a Sorority House. That thing is a devil tornado. Considering we don’t want human casualties I had to busy myself keeping the humans safe. He tore down half the building so we’re currently glamouring authorities and getting the mess cleaned up. It looks like he’s headed back to the Bon Temp area. Keep an eye out and keep your own women close”

The message ended, brilliant. Christian was still out on the loose, and with the possibility that he would need to keep a closer eye on both Kiara and Jessica, this was another problem added to his list of worries. Knowing that Kiara was around in the mansion in her own office, he dialed Jessica; her phone was not on, she may have been at work.

"Jessica, it is Bill. I need to speak with you soon. I have something I need to discuss with you"

Ending the call, he slid his cell onto his desk, with the letter still in his hand, he tossed the letter onto his desk, it was true, the marriage between Zafrina and Northman would prove to be very beneficial for Louisiana, but at the risk that he still did not feel quite himself, he wanted, needed to keep Eric is the state. With his plan set in mind, he activated his computer and pressed a few keys on the keyboard until he had found what he had wanted, not wishing to attend to meet the Queen in person, as they had not crossed paths since he was with Lorena, he wished to do a video conference call, Technology had become useful in this situation. The screen flashed as the Queen was sat at a similar desk; it was time to begin.

"Your Majesty, i expected a call from you sooner or later. Although I expected a visit from your Sheriff, Eric Northman" she grinned as her tongue flicked across her lips.

"Zafrina, I have become aware of the marriage request that you have sent Northman, May I ask why you would want my Sheriff?" Bill said as he leaned forward on his desk.

Zafrina, laughed a seductive laugh as her face slid into a grin.

"Come now Mr Compton, You and I both know that you do not care for Eric Northman, I am well aware of your indiscretions at the Authority, who doesn't. And this marriage between Northman and I would help secure Louisiana's safety, refusing this request would not do you any justice. I want Eric Northman as my King, and this is my request Bill!"

"Zafrina, at the present moment, Eric Northman is needed in my area, and I shall not be letting him leave. As you are aware, he is a married man" Bill said hoping this could be a way to end her request.

She let out another hurling laugh as he mentioned that he was 'married'.

"He is married to a human Bill, your ex human if I have my facts correct. But that means nothing too me, I want him as my King, Compton. I have things that I must attend too" she twirled as fingers around in her hair as Bill caught a glance of a naked male in sight of the screen.

"Wait!" Bill said swiftly before the Queen ended the call.

"What now Bill? I do have things I must attend to, preparations to make for my new King" she smirked.

"I shall not be allowing Eric Northman to leave Louisiana Zafrina. I do not accept the your 'request' for my Sheriff, but perhaps we could come to another arrangement?" Bill left the idea out there for her to ponder.

"An arrangement?" she asked on curiously.

"Yes. Instead of taking Eric Northman as your King, I shall take his place" the words passed his lips quicker than he intended too.

"Take you as my new King? Now that could be an idea" she smirked.

"But I would need sometime to have things sorted in my area. I would need 100 years before the marriage, time to deal with what I need to do" Bill said sternly, although they were matched in status, she was in deed older than him.

"You already ask for demands? My, my, my such a King at heart are we not Bill? I shall take sometime to consider your request and I shall be in touch very soon. I must say I find that you are quite appealing in your sacrifice. Although i am curious as to why you would offer yourself instead of Northman? Do you hold him to some value?" she smirked.

"That is none of your concern Zafrina...I have offered you something of a replacement for Northman, Do you accept me offer?" Bill asked.

The Queen considered to ponder the idea of what Bill was offering, smirking at the screen as Bill sat infuriated at himself for what he had done. He had no idea how Kiara would accept this, or what she would in fact say. But he knew that he could not let Eric Northman leave Louisiana, Kiara would want answers and would go to him if anything happened too him.

"Well, do we have an agreement?" Bill asked.

"We have an agreement, you can have your 100 years. Then we shall join in marriage. I shall sent note to Eric Northman, relieving him of his duty, and I shall arrange to make a visit to my King, and we can seal the deal" she smirked, the glint in her eye clearly on show.

"I look forward to our meeting Zafrina" Bill said, forcing a smile across his face.

"As do I. My King" she spoke in a seductive crisp tone as she ended the video call.

Bill closed down the screen on his computer as he he sat back in his chair, the deal had been accepted, he would marry the Queen of Oklahoma in 100 years. He had completed his part of the deal that he agreed to help Eric with. Picking up his cell he dialed Northman; another voice-mail.

"Northman, You are free from the Queen's proposal. You shall receive word about this from the Queen. You are no longer obligated to marry the Queen. You are free"

Ending the call, he dropped his cell back into pocket and drained the remaining of his blood, Eric Northman may have been freed from the Queen's marriage proposal, but now he had taken his place instead, now all he needed to do was work out how to approach the subject with Kiara.

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