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Looking for Jessica

Bill Compton

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Sexual Looking for Jessica

Post by Bill Compton on Sun Feb 24, 2013 6:49 am

Bill was never one for becoming worried about Jessica, she had grown into a fully exquisite young vampire and who was able to look after herself when it all came down too it. But yet he couldn't shake the inkling that something was not right, but yet he couldn't place his finger on it, something was bothering him more that it should have been. He had not felt the need to be on alert as he had not felt anything coming from Jessica to make him think otherwise, but yet this feeling would not diminish. With the new extra guards that he had stationed with Jessica, although he was not a fan of the Tiger he had someone watching his home also to keep him notified of any changes that he needed too know, especially when it involved his only progeny. And now with Christian's unknown whereabouts, he couldn't be too cautious. Although he had words from his guards that Jessica was fine, he still had not spoken with her, and with Christian out there, he still needed to see her. He sat back in his chair and pulled out his cell for the seventh time and hit dial; only to receive Jessica's voice-mail yet again.

"Jessica. I do not like when you do not answer me. Call me"

He ended the call and dropped his cell into his jacket pocket, he would not use his will as a Maker over her, he had decided against it. But if she would not come too him, he would go to her. He needed to see Jessica

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