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A Viking's Dilema

Eric Northman

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Sexual A Viking's Dilema

Post by Eric Northman on Sat May 05, 2012 8:49 pm

He tossed aside the bottle of royal. What number was this.. 12? 15? He had no idea. This was the equivalent of binge drinking for a vampire. He actually burped as his long arm fell back on the bed. After the renovations done on Sookie’s house he’d expected to spend every moment with her, but no, she still had her independence and her job with that shifter. Just the thought of that shifter being anywhere near his lover made him growl. So now here he was, sitting in the bed in Sookie’s second floor, the floor littered with royal blood bottles, his clothes discarded somewhere on the floor and nothing but black silks to cover his naked self, not that he cared, he was never one for modesty.
His vision was blurry. He was really full, more than full. He never drank this much blood, synthetic or otherwise. It was as if he’d drunk were blood. He felt sluggish and mentally hazy. “Sookie…” he whispered, turning on his side and gazing upon the picture of her on the nightstand. She’d brought that up so he “wouldn’t miss her while she was at work” as she had put it, but he did miss her. He craved her. He wanted nothing more than to fuck her and roll around in her scent until he was coated in all that was her. As he imaged her riding him into oblivion his hand found his own rock hard cock.
“Sookie…Sookie…” he repeated like a prayer, his hand moving up and down his engorged shaft. It didn’t come close to how good it felt to be buried deep in her folds but he needed release, badly. He pictured her in red… nothing but red lace stockings and a garter belt. Yeah… that was it. He panted, his fangs popping out from the sheer desire to fuck. His hand moved faster and faster, making lewd, slapping noises against his own hips. He growled low in his throat, opening his mouth wide, imagining himself sinking his fangs into Sookie’s thigh, tasking her orgasm with his tongue, her blood deep in his mouth.
He roared, his hand now moving at vampiric speed against his shaft which pulsed and throbbed. “komma tillbaka älskare! Skynda Jag måste knulla dig så dåligt” he groaned. His hand moved more and more against himself. He buried his free hand into his hair, arching his back, imagining lifting Sookie off the bed with nothing but his cock inside her. He could hear her screaming his name and the moment she reached her orgasm in his mind he shattered. “SOOKIE!!!” he roared his whole body convulsing as he shot out his seed all over his hand and his chest. He opened his eyes and.. “Fuck!” he cursed. He was still so hard he could drive a nail for sure. Tonight was going to be a long night.

[note: komma tillbaka älskare! Skynda Jag måste knulla dig så dåligt = "come back lover! Hurry, I have to fuck you so bad"]

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