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Loosing Track of The Tiger

Bill Compton

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Sexual Loosing Track of The Tiger

Post by Bill Compton on Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:39 pm

Bill still had the painful comments of his progeny Jessica still lingering around him like a thick mist. He hated that he had granted Jessica her freedom only to snatch it away from her again. But he wasn't about to take any risks when it came to those he loved. He hated that Christian had turned him into this 'control freak' as Jessica would put it, but he had no choice in the matter.

And ever since he meeting with the Tiger, he still did not trust he at all. So he had the tiger followed to keep track on his every movement as he wanted to know what he was up to. He had promised Jessica that he would not harm the boy until she had spoken with him, but he didn't know if he could keep that promise to her. He wanted blood for what he had done to Jessica.

As he descended the stairs he felt his cell ring, sighing again he pulled out his cell. Looking at the screen as it flashed, he recognized the number instantly and answered it.


"Your majesty, we have lost sight of the target"

"You lost the target! How could you loose the target?" Bill said sternly into the phone.

"We have trackers scanning for him now, but his trail has vanished"

"Find him!"

"Yes your Majesty"

Bill ended the call. It seemed that the Tiger was onto him, his search team were trying to re-locate him again. Bill glanced at the window, the sky was beginning to brighten signalling that the sun was not far from rising. Kiara was still not back yet, but he had no reason to feel alerted as he could hear her vehicle approach the entrance of the drive way. But he did not have time to greet her, he vacated to his master bedroom for his rest that the sun placed on him.

Hopefully tomorrow evening he would have the news that the Tiger had been found again, and lead him to Jason Stackhouse

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