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Time To Spread The News To Eric Northman

Bill Compton

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Sexual Time To Spread The News To Eric Northman

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Mar 25, 2013 9:11 am

Time to spread the news? Bill Compton would have never had thought that he would ever be engaged again, the first time he had proposed to a human - Sookie Stackhouse had gone awry and had ended badly between them. But now, here he was engaged to a were; Kiara Griffen. He had never expected her to say 'yes' considering their past, but she had agreed to marry him. With it still illegal to marry in Louisiana, they would have to travel to Vermont to legally marry. But it was a trip that he was willing to make. He had remembered Eric Northman's statement about marry Kiara.

"The only news I wish to hear from you... is when you finally decide to marry your were and what state you've picked the ceremony at"

He smirked at remembering his comment, it seemed that as King that he should be allowing Eric Northman to become aware of the recent changes that would be happening and of the impending nuptials between himself and Kiara.

Bill pulled out his cell and hit dial and waited for an answer; Eric had directed it to voice-mail.

"Eric. I request your presence at my home tomorrow evening. There is some matters that we need to discuss. And feel free to bring Sookie if you wish. Kiara shall be here. Tomorrow evening at 8:00pm sharp"

Bill ended the call and dropped his cell into his pocket. Soon the news would spread that the King of Louisiana was due to be married, the only matter was time. Bill had ordered various brochures for Kiara to gaze upon so that she was able to make arrangements for things that she wanted at the ceremony. But Bill had other things on his mind, a prisoner locked up in his basement.

Jason Stackhouse

Bill headed down to the basement, ordering that he was not to be disturbed. There was things that he needed to settle.

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