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Who Rules The Hen House.

Bill Compton

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Sexual Who Rules The Hen House.

Post by Bill Compton on Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:13 am

After a very eventful evening with Kiara Griffen, Bill cradled her to his chest as she lay in his arms after falling asleep on their way back from their evening out after Bill had suggested they have an evening out to celebrate their engagement. Bill had taken her to a private restaurant that catered for vampire clientele and their human companions and the establishment was a very elite establishment that Bill had been accustomed to as he ascended to the King of Louisiana. Kiara had asked how Bill came to know of this place, but he did not want to let on that he had once taken Portia Bellefleur on their first meeting.

As Bill ascended the stairs cradling a sleeping Kiara, he caught the scent of something pungent, the Tiger John Quinn had been in the premises and his scent had still lingered even after his departure. It would not be long until the smell would dwindle and evaporate completely which Bill welcomed.

As Bill slowly entered the master bedroom, he gently placed her on the bed, slowly tucking her in, covering her barely covered body with the thick duvet to shield her from the cold. The sun was not far from rising and he could feel it, he exited the room to seek out Jessica. They had not spoken since their last encounter since he had requested that Jessica move back into his home. With Christian still out their, he had to be cautious as he did not want Jessica to become part of his collateral damage. There still had been no sightings of the young vampire, but Bill had heard reports that their had been several vampire attacks in Shreveport and he had a suspicion that Christian was behind it.

As he crossed the hall towards Jessica's suite, he saw something pinned to the door. A note. He quickly pulled the note from Jessica's door and quickly scanned the note.

~William, She was not going to stay if I left after my visit. She has your stubborn streak. I am having the guards lock us in her rooms to keep your Estate secure...even from me. Sorry this was not planned with you but I am trying to find a middle ground. We will not leave her rooms for any reason and I have already explained to the guards that they are not to unlock the doors until you say to, or sunset comes tomorrow~

Bill screwed up the note and tossed it aside, the guards were still on guard in the hallway.

"When the Tiger rises for the morning. Instruct him to come straight to my office tomorrow evening" Bill commanded the guard.

"Yes, your Majesty" he replied.

Bill handed him the screwed up note as he headed towards his master bedroom, closing the door behind him. He peeled himself of his attire and slipped beneath the thick duvet covering him from the waist down.

The Tiger had broken one of the agreement terms about residing in his home, the one of many agreements that they had reached in a formidable truce on behalf of Jessica. Bill would need to stand his ground tomorrow, tomorrow their would be new ground set. Tomorrow, Bill would show the tiger who rules the hen house.

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