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They Came. They Found Him

Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual They Came. They Found Him

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Fri Mar 29, 2013 4:16 pm

~Bill Compton's Basement~

Jason Stackhouse had been asleep for what seemed like an infinity, every inch of his entire body that had once reaped with agonizing pain, now felt like a tickling numb sensation as those his skin was being prickled with blunt needles. His head was no longer pounding like it once was, he still felt tired and ached in some places. Much like he had been tackled by Johnny Jackson during his high school football game that ended his chance at a football scholarship a couple years ago. He rolled his head, his eyes fluttering open as his eye sight was still a little blurry from his heavy sleep. He remembered nothing why he was so tired.

Jason? Jason sweetie. Wake up

"Just five more minutes mommy" Jason whispered sleepily as he wanted to drift back of to sleep.

Jason, son, wake up. It's nearly time.

"I ain't going to school today, i am sick daddy" he said sleepily.


Jason'e eyes jolted open as he tried to sit up, but was pulled straight back down to the steel slab as his arms remained restrained.

"JESUS! FUCKIN CHRIST!" he screeched as he hit his head on the steel slab.

Language Jason

Jason looked around and there standing next to him; his momma and daddy had found him. He knew they would come.

"Momma, daddy. You found me" he said, his voice full of happiness and his face shone a bright cheerful smile.

We will always find you baby

"Get me out of here. Un-tie me" he said trying to move his arms.

Son, we can't do that. You need to be here

"What?! Why?!" he spoke sternly.

You have a mission baby, you need to be here

"I...I don't understand" he said confused.

You will in time son. Trust us

"Get me outta here" Jason commanded.

And with that both his momma and daddy disappeared, leaving Jason all alone. He tried fighting against his restraints, but they were too tight and they were leaving marks on his wrists that burned.

"MOMMA! DADDY!" he called out as he tried to break free; but failed.


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