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Her newest toy

Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Her newest toy

Post by Kiara Griffen on Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:01 pm

Kiara sat in her office in Bill’s home. In her hand she held her latest piece of technology that hopefully would make finding what she needed to find a lot easier. She chuckled. God bless the Germans they made great spy stuff and when she’d placed a custom order for this she didn’t think it could be done.

Well 3 weeks and several payments later she had it in her hand. A Koosh ball. A very nice Koosh ball. To anyone that’s all it was. But to her it was much more. Each little soft filament of the koosh ball emitted a very low electronic pulse. Like a type of ground penetrating radar except it didn’t have to stay in one place to create an image. Since every little filament was an output source for the radar it had a much larger range and like sonar it could travel a great distance without it being a nuisance. Plus the core being encased in soft rubber meant the required electronics would be safe from any damage. It had a discrete usb port for her to analyze the data and all she had to do… was let it roll in one of the lowest rooms of the mansion.

As she played with it she knew she had to get to the basement. The guards were being a pest and the lower she could go the better to find what she needed. She had already come up with a layout of the mansion, detailing every room, every detail in said rooms but her schematic was left with several gaping holes. Holes that bothered her. Bill was hiding something, either from her or from other vampires she didn’t know but she had to find out, and soon.

She tossed the koosh ball into the air and caught it. She hoped this would help her fill the holes in her schematic of the house. She hoped most of all that it showed Bill hid nothing of true danger. If he was hiding a dungeon where he tortured victims she didn’t care, hell at this point she expected it. But she hoped, secretly prayed she’d find nothing else. That Bill didn’t have the rumored vial, that he was just being overzealous with some of his darker secrets as a king. She hoped she could marry him with a clean conscience, with a clean report to Eric that his sister was just being a brat.

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