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New Changes

Bill Compton

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Sexual New Changes

Post by Bill Compton on Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:49 am

What had he done?

Did he think things through properly, it was all a spur of the moment kind of thing. The tiger had not long ago left the Bill alone in his office, pondering on his rash decision about 'temporarily' have the Tiger move into his and Kiara's home to keep a close eye on Jessica. He knew that he could trust the Tiger with his progeny, but Bill still had his doubts about the Tiger. There was something about him that Bill could not put his finger on it, it bothered him more than he liked.

He knew Jessica would be happy with the new arrangement, but he was still not so sure himself as he had somethings that he wished to keep out of public knowledge and did not want discovered. He quickly pulled out his cell and hit dial instantly putting him through to the security at the entrance of his estate.

"Yes, your Majesty"

"There is some new developments that I wish to discuss with you. Be in my office at midnight" Bill instructed.

"Yes, Sire. Will there be anything else?"

"That is all" Bill finished as he ended the call.

There was new precautions to take, now that things had changed. Nothing could be discovered, he would not have his authority challenged. He could not be discovered, his secret could never be found it. It would mean the end of him, it was not a risk that he was willing to take. There was too much at stake, his own life, Jessica's and of course Kiara. With Christian out there, there was too many lives on his head to risk a moment of weakness.

There was going to be some new changes around his home, some may not be welcomed by others, but it was the burden of being the King of Louisiana. Something that he chose to accept when he ascended to the Throne. The changes would soon be in place, and that was how it was going to remain, come high heaven or hell. Bill would rise to his authority as King, and make it well known to those around him.

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