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Together Forever. You and Me William

Bill Compton

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Sexual Together Forever. You and Me William

Post by Bill Compton on Tue Apr 02, 2013 9:26 am

Bill had only just made it back to the security of his home for shelter from the rising sun, have been lost in his trail of thought surrounding his vampire sibling Judith. It had been nearly 60 years since he had last seen her, he often tried to find her, but yet still he could not find a trace of her roaming the continent. Bill often wondered if she had met the True Death, after all he had not heard, nor felt her in so long. Bill still carried the guilt of how she became a vampire, his infatuation with her which drove Lorena to extreme measures to keep him by her side.

As Judith had a similar resemblance of his former human wife, Caroline. How he had been cruelly taken from his human life on his journey home from war, deciding that he would take a short cut home; only to come across a lonely widow; Lorena. Their Maker who had snatched them both from their mortality. Remembering the night that he had told Judith of how she became to be a vampire

~Flashback 1918~

William had been punished by Lorena for his disobedience for not following her wishes to feed on a young child, haunted by the memory of his youth as a vampire and what he had done. He had been resting on a rusted old bed, healing after Lorena's physical torture.

Judith has been cleaning his face that was coated in dry blood as William lay on the bed, as his open wounds stitched themselves together.

"Lorena made you for me. You know that, but you don't know why."

Judith froze, clinging to his every word and feeling his tension as well as her own. She felt his sorrow and regret and wanted desperately to stop him from speaking. Whatever terrible confession he felt compelled to make would change everything between them, of that she was certain.

"Bill" she asked, "What's wrong?"

"I need to tell you something. Something you had a right to know years ago. I wanted...but I couldn't...please, sit down."

"Bill, please, you don't have to -"

"I'll be damned if I let her tell you! I won't let her use it to taunt you!" he snapped. He was at the outer limits of his control once more if his tone was any indication. Judith had no choice but to listen."You need to hear it from me, for I bear the blame for what happened to you, and I cannot keep the truth of it from you any longer. Lorena chose you because you look very much like my Caroline, the first and only human woman I have ever loved. I was foolish enough to follow you home and stare up at your window like a lovesick puppy and she saw. Then she struck."

Judith offered William a soft smile, her hands running through his matted hair that was thick with dried blood.

"I do not care William, i am glad she did. I love you William" she smiled softly.

"As i love you" William replied back as he rested back on the rusted bed.

~End of Flashback~

Bill remembered that night vividly, how she had pushed aside how she had become a vampire, she still loved him no matter what. She did not let it dwell her in her feelings for him.

"Together forever...You and me William"

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