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Guilt...and cornbread

Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Guilt...and cornbread

Post by Kiara Griffen on Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:50 pm

Kiara arrived back at the mansion in her newly working camaro. She was so proud of it. Even the guards eyed the car. She parked it and got out, carrying a suitcase which one of the guards quickly offered to carry for her.

She’d changed out of her work clothes and had showered but the scent of alcide still clung to her. Just getting a hint of that scent made her take pause. Once inside Tia greeted her with a banquet of southern classics.

“Tia you read my mind” said Kiara gleefully as she smelled the freshly made cornbread. Tia enjoyed spoiling her like this, insisting she eat 3 or 4 large meals during the night so she wouldn’t be ‘so damn skinny’

She took a large slice of cornbread and headed to the lounge. She was told Bill was still out. She hadn’t seen him since that night he’d walked off from his office. She wasn’t too worried. Chances are he was busy with vampire things. However the staff needed approving on some furnishings and deliveries of blood and food so she took it upon herself to accept them.

She didn’t think Bill would be angry about this. It was mostly deliveries of the blood she supplied and food for the kitchen. After signing a few papers and showing where things should go she told Tia to have her dinner delivered to her office. She felt cozy tonight.

She wondered if she should go pay Jessica a visit, but since Quinn was staying here she REALLY didn’t want to blind if she happened to catch them ‘in the act’. She checked the time. It was still relatively early in terms of vampire hours so she’d give Jessica some time with her man. She made her way upstairs and into the master bedroom where she put on a pair of pj pants and one of Bill’s nice silk shirts.

The scent of Bill didn’t help her hormones but at least she didn’t feel guilty for somehow smelling like another man. It wasn’t like she had done something scandalous. All she did was hug Alcide but vampires could be irrational like that.

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