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Twist of Fate


Sexual Twist of Fate

Post by Anton Logan on Wed Apr 03, 2013 1:22 pm

Anton had to read the message that came in that morning one more time before beginning...this was...unexpected...

Reclaim delivered package without detection
Deliver to Hospital
Parameters of goals have modified
Payment upon confirmation.
~End Of Line~

He shook his head and sorted through his medallions. He chose those he would need and draped them around his neck, locking down the trunk and moving to the back wall of the room. Activating the first medallion, he pressed his hand to the wall, watching as his had slipped through it like a shadow. Laughing to himself, he walked through the wall and out to the garage to head for the King's Estate.

As he pulled off the highway, he set a small silver talisman on the dash and marveled once again how the whole thing faded like smoke in the wind. He slipped through the gate and pulled behind the mansion. According to the information he had, the boy was in the basement so that seemed the easiest way to get to him. Anton slipped from the car and felt the other medallions hum as they activated. He slipped through the outer wall and willed himself to sink to the basement level, moving quietly from area to area....my this house had a lot of secrets, but he was only seeking one...

He found Jason strapped down, barely struggling, but alive. He sedated the boy so he would be easier to deal with and unbound him. One he had gotten out of the estate he could tend to him if needs required it. It looked like someone had already assisted him in his healing to a point, but there was no telling how much was still wrong. Once they were safely out of the estate, he blindfolded and bound the boy, lowering him into the back seat. He drove out to the highway and found a nice empty stretch of road before removing the talisman from the dash. The car snapped back to normal and the roar of the engine was echoed off the treelines.

As he pulled up to the edge of the city, he pulled over, unbinding the boy, but leaving him blindfolded. He pulled into the ER and tapped on one of his medallions, activating an illusion before calling out. He helped the orderly to lift the comatose sheriff onto the gurney and walked in with them. He followed along until he knew that the target would be taken care of and sent the completion code from his phone.

He chuckled and shook his head....little intrigues and games...always so amusing...
John Quinn

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Sexual Re: Twist of Fate

Post by John Quinn on Wed Apr 03, 2013 1:26 pm

Quinn was watching television when his phone beeped. He turned on the screen and saw the single word message ~complete~ and smiled. He send a text to Vincent to complete the payment for Anton and told him to send him on a vacation for a while. He did not need to be seen in the area for a while.

Now everything was in place, just in case. He had done as Compton asked, yet had covered himself with Jessica in case...he knew that Compton liked playing games...he would learn that there were new pieces on the board...

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