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Possible Negotiations With The House Guests

Bill Compton

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Sexual Possible Negotiations With The House Guests

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Apr 15, 2013 3:15 pm

Bill was now settled comfortably at his desk, it had become a second habit of his, he had somehow found comfort in sitting behind his desk, he was not sure if it made him feel more stable, conscious of his actions, his thoughts. But for some reason he felt that he could achieve anything, if it wasn't for his thoughts that seemed to backlog in various things surrounding Judith, Kiara, Jessica, Marie, Lilith, or the fact that the Tiger still lived in his home.

Although he had not seen the tiger since he had 'temporarily' taken residence in his home, with the conditions that he remained out of Bill's way and did not disturb his routine and stayed out of Kiara's way. But the condition that he moved in was due to that Christian was still alive and he would not take the risk with Jessica's life, nor Kiara's. Although he did realize that if he told the Tiger, he would leave willingly, but Jessica would not be happy about it.

Jessica was not a fully fledged Vampire, and now she had a life of her own to lead and although Bill wanted to be apart of it, he knew that he would eventually have to let her go. But he still wanted to have her close, but even with the Tiger using some sort of scent deodorizer that he had been using to mask his scent, he could still catch the scent is some area's of the house, especially in the kitchen area.

Maybe it was time to negotiate the terms of the living arrangements with Jessica and John Quinn

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