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Caught On Camera

Bill Compton

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Sexual Caught On Camera

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Apr 22, 2013 6:48 am

Bill had been sat in his office, he had a lot of work to complete before the end of the week. And now with the young child Sophie visiting this weekend for the night he wanted to make sure that everything was all set in place for her visit. He now had her room all set up for when she was allowed to visit, he was curious as to see how she was doing, although she was being well looked after by her new foster parents, he still felt like a guardian of sorts.

He continued to scan through some new requests from vampires that wished to reside in the area of Louisiana, four males and one female. Clarice, he knew her from his past as they had come to blows several times after their erotic love making when juiced up on human blood in the 80's. He needed time to consider each and everyone. As he read through their statements he was briefly distracted by the irritating sound from his computer screen that flashed. As he paused his work for a moment, he hit a few keys as a video flashed on the screen.

He had taken Kiara's word to heart that she did not trust his sister, he knew well enough what his sister was like and knew that she always had a secret agenda. As he hit play, and looked direct to the video that was playing.

"Answer me this... why return now? Was traveling around the world really that boring? or was it that you felt Bill would have forgotten about the terms of your parting after all this time and you could return without a hitch?"

"My personal reasons for returning is none of your business. But if you really want to know. I felt something from him, he was hurt. And he called out to me, his blood called me to be by his side"

"Perhaps I don't. He's lived nearly 200 years, I'm barely in my mid twenties. But I have seen him thought some dark times. I've seen his humanity and soft side"

"He chose me over his own Maker, he will choose me again. You don't stand a chance little wolf"

Then go Judith... go to Bill, he's in his office right now. Go and make him choose..."

"A threat? Girl, I have been a threat since the moment i arrived. Why do you think that Bill has not thrown me out? If he knows how uncomfortable you are with me in his home. Then why does he not get rid of me? Had it ever crossed your mind that he still loves me? That is why he does not throw me out"

He instantly paused the video on his sister Judith. He felt a flurry of anger flow through him, he knew that Judith had a temper as much did Kiara. But now he couldn't help but feel stuck in a difficult situation. True he loved both Kiara and his sister. Kiara had helped him through a difficult situation, taught him to love again, gave him a second chance to live again.

But with Judith, it was a far more complex situation, she had saved him. At a time when he needed saving, she was there. He brushed his thoughts to the back of his mind. He needed to know what she was up to? Did he call to her when he was under attack from his young progeny Christian? He needed to know what she was up to.

He took a mouthful of his warmed Russian Royal Blend, as he let the warm red liquid linger on his lips as his tongue caressed along the insides of his mouth, along his gleaming white teeth. He hated being put in this situation, but it seems that now he needed to step up and get his act together, otherwise there was going to be a war in his home.

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