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Blood Is Blood No Matter What

Bill Compton

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Sexual Blood Is Blood No Matter What

Post by Bill Compton on Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:58 am

Bill Compton had called out after his sister, but to no avail would she return to him. She had disappeared into the night, leaving the guards that protected him home on the ground unconscious. Her abrupt teenage tantrums of not getting her own way had shown its ugly head. Bill knew of how his sister's behavior could escalate into something worse.

It had been one of the reasons why he and Judith had grown distant and had caused their departure in 1964. He wished to seek out his own personal divine retribution for all the sins that he had caused since his Maker Lorena had turned him against his will. He believed another one of his sins was acted through Lorena, that had caused Judith to be turned against her will. He believed that trying to act through her that he may have been able to address those sins and help make up for them, but of course he had been wrong again.

The burdening guilt that consumed his entire demonic core had caused him to have a moment of clarity as to how he wished to make things right. But of course Judith had placed herself direct between him and his goal. A part of him felt betrayed, hurt that she had taken it upon herself to prevent him from achieving what he wanted, what he sought for peace of his own.

But now, he felt his decision of choosing Kiara over his own blood was some sort of a retribution for all those years ago when he had been forced to make a decision that he was some what forced into making. But now after everything, he had turned away one of his own. Someone that had helped him through a time when they were both still with Lorena.

And now it had come to this, he had been forced into the same position again. As he sat himself down at his desk, his fingers laced together, the sun would not be up for another several hours, he would wait until Judith returned. He couldn't leave things the way they were.

He had to fix things, if not for himself. But for Judith. His blood.

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