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A warning perhaps?

Kiara Griffen

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Sexual A warning perhaps?

Post by Kiara Griffen on Sat May 04, 2013 5:42 pm

She groaned. Her eyes were closed but something firm and masculine enveloped her. Gods how she loved being just her, this couch and….and him.

She felt hips grind against hers, the clothing barrier between them becoming quite annoying. She tugged at his shirt wanting it off but no matter how hard she pulled it never tore. She opened her eyes, about to go medieval on the shirt when she gasped. It wasn’t Bill ontop of her it was…

“QUINN!” she screamed. The large tiger were gave her his classic smirk, his large muscular body keeping her well pinned. She was about to kick him in a very sensitive area when she blinked and he was gone. She sat up, her heart going a mile a minute before she felt lips on the back of her neck.
Large, fair skinned arms around her waist. She shivered, her body reacting to the expert kisses being placed. She turned her head, wanting to see who was kissing her and instead she spotted Quinn, now sitting a distance from her in a very regal looking recliner. Dressed in all black with a bright blood red ring on his thumb.

“You gave me your virtue… and I threw it away” he said calmly.

“My virtue?” she asked before she was thrown to the couch. The smell of lemon grass hit her and she knew who this was….Niko… an old flame..and a wolf. He attacked her neck with relish and she hated how she reacted. She struggled against him. As she opened her mouth to protest Niko was gone. She sat up again, rubbing the back of her neck and shuddering.

Suddenly Niko was now on the recliner, dressed in black and wearing the same blood red ring.

“You gave me your body…and I used it” he said calmly.

Before she could comment 2 pairs of arms grabbed her and pulled her back. This time she knew who they belonged to: Sawyer and Taylor. They pulled her to a bed that appeared out of nowhere. They kissed and groped her everywhere, getting a reaction from her body but displeasure from her mind. She did her best to get them off her but no matter what she did she couldn’t. They tore at her clothes nearly leaving her naked. Just as she opened her mouth to scream though they vanished.
She sat up, looking for anything to cover herself with. Sawyer now sat down on the recliner, Taylor by his side, both looking stunning in black with that red ring on their thumbs.

“You gave us your secrets…and we betrayed you” they both said in unison.

A pair of cool arms enveloped her now but this time she knew. That familiar cool, the smell of rain and earth, those cool lips. She turned in instinct and she was met with the beautiful ice blue eyes of her Bill.

He kissed her softly, pulling her back to the bed which she went to all willingly. His hands roamed her body, pulling off the remaining bits of her clothes. She rubbed herself against him, finding safety in his presence. He turned them over until she was pinned against the bed. She opened her eyes, looking up at him.

Instead of seeing the desire and lust she expected she found Bill’s face distorted with sadness and concern. She was confused.
“Whats wrong?” she asked, hating to see him so sad.
He seemed to sigh before answering.
“You gave me your love.. your body.. your secrets…your life.. and I…I will end them all” he said.
She blinked, even more confused now. Before she could ponder his words a blood red hand came out of the darkness, placing itself on Bill’s shoulder and pulling him off her. She sat up. The blood hand became an arm, attached to a person…and that person..

It was a woman. She looked pretty if she wasn’t covered in…whatever she was. She opened her mouth and a hideous hiss came from it before the blood that covered the lady attached itself to Bill like a weird entity. It covered him from head to toe, making him look demonic.

Bill hissed as well, that same hideous hiss. The woman, now naked but normal looking smiled at Kiara.

“A god… deserves proper tribute” she said. Bill hissed and lunged at her, sinking his long fangs into her neck and tearing away.

Kiara sat up, a scream lodged in her throat. She looked around and she was alone in the master bedroom. Bill hadn’t returned for two days now and he refused to even speak to her. She was covered in cold sweat and she felt sick and feverish. She got up, quickly heading to the bathroom. Inside she splashed cold water on her face. She rubbed her eyes and looked at her reflection and gasped. She had two bright marks on her neck, like bite marks, but Bill hadn’t bitten her in ages.

What on earth was going on?

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