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Irrational Fears

Bill Compton

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Sexual Irrational Fears

Post by Bill Compton on Mon May 13, 2013 8:59 am

After his 'talk' with both Eric Northman and his sister Nora Gainsborough at Fangtasia about Northman's constant interference in his personal business, Bill had grown tired of everyone around him questioning his abilities as King of Louisiana. The constant irrational fears of everyone around him, driving him mad. Questioning his mental state of mind, no one could see that he was doing just fine.

Always prepared for an answer that was directed at him, he could not care less for what others thought of him. He was the King of Louisiana, that was all he cared about. He had the power to do anything that he wished, he had the luxury of obtaining wealth from his Maker and what he had procured over the years that he had been a vampire.

His mind was tested, his body willed to act in how he saw fit. With Kiara glamoured and now no longer searching for the vial of Lilith blood that had been disclosed in a location that only he knew about. He would guard that with his life, the location locked away in the back of his mind that could not be tampered with.

Bill had locked himself away in the safety of his office, young Sophie would be arriving tonight to spend a few days with himself and Kiara. Although he knew Kiara would be caring for the little girl, he had other pressing matters on his mind that needed his full attention. He could hear the soft beating heart of a male outside his office door.

"Enter!" he bellowed to the man on the opposite side of his office door.

One of Bill's guards had entered, standing tall as he held a riffle close to his chest.

"Your Majesty, Sawyer and Taylor have now been detained in the basement. Waiting your next orders Sir" he spoke direct to his King.

"Keep them detained. Increase the security measure and do not allow anyone into the basement, especially Jessica and Kiara. They both have a tendency to stick their noses where it is not required. I shall be down shortly. I have a young guest tonight. Keep me up to date" he commanded his guard.

"Yes, your Majesty...Anything else Sir?" he quizzed.

"Send in a donor. Brunette immediately" he directed back.

"Yes your Majesty" he bowed as he exited the office.

Bill stood from his chair behind his desk as he walked around and perched himself on the edge of his desk as he waited a few moments for his donor to arrive as there was another knock at his door.

"Come in" he instructed.

A young woman with chocolate hair that crawled down past her shoulder entered his office.

"You summoned for me your Majesty?" she grinned as she fluttered her eyelashes.

Bill indicated with his finger in a 'come here' motion as she strode across his office, her hair flicking with the shifting of her shoulders.

"Yes...You have been chosen my dear" he smirked as his hands laid gently on her hips.

"Whatever my King wishes" she whispered.

"Come here" he commanded.

The young donor who now stood in front of Bill and traced her index finger along his exposed chest through his open shirt. Bill dropped his fangs as he pulled the girl closer to him, nestling between his thighs. He held her in place as his fangs slid into her neck as wave after wave of her warm rich aroma blood filled into his mouth.

She let out a gasp of this new sensation as her arms dropped to her sides, forcing her body against the Kings's. But Bill held her back, this was nothing sexual, it was just about sating his hunger for fresh human blood. She continued to groan as she felt Bill continue to drink from her neck. She always knew the limit for a vampire to stop feeding, her neck and arms were dotted with faint puncture marks on her soft bronzed skin.

"S-Stop" she muttered.

Bill heard her plea's as she began squirming in his grasp. This thrilled Bill as he held her body closer to his own as he could feel her heart beginning to slow.

"S-Stop" she forced again, her voice merely a shallow whisper.

Bill let the last few remaining droplets of her blood flow into his mouth as he heard her heart let out a one last frantic beat and stopped. Her lifeless body slumped into his arms, he withdrew his fangs as blood trickled from his lips. He dropped her lifeless body to the office floor. His hunger for blood had been sated for now.

His ears caught the sound of someone entering his home, his ears directed to whom it was. His body reacting to defend himself. He scanned out to find out who it was, and that was when he heard her.....Judith.

Judith was home.

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