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One of Many Faces

Bill Compton

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Sexual One of Many Faces

Post by Bill Compton on Fri May 17, 2013 6:53 am

Once Bill had tried to clear his mind of the latest hallucination that had appeared to him in the form of Godric, he was not sure that he would be able to keep up this front for long, but Mel was a valued friend of his, and he had made a promise to the young Sophie that she would always be welcome in his home. Remembering how she did not wish to leave when she was set to make a new home with a childless couple whom he had taken the time to investigate their background to make sure that they were both suitable both financially to raise a child. It had been so long since Bill had been left with the care and well being of a human child, that he had forgotten what it felt like to be a father.

After the whole events with his eldest progeny, he felt that it had almost put him off children, feeling that he was not fit to guide a child. But it seemed that Mel had her ways and means of getting what she wanted, even from a Vampire King. Bill could hear Mel descend the stairs as she chatted to some of the guards asking where Bill was. After showing her into his office, she stood waiting for his attention.

"She is settled, it has been a long journey. She will sleep the rest of the night Bill"

"I am glad. How is she?" he quizzed.

"To be expected, she is still adjusting, but she is a lot better. She has friends, a loving network of people who look out for her....She missed you. Your the one person that she can remember very well" she complimented.

"As I have missed her. She is an extraordinary child. Kiara and I will be more than glad to have her stay...Kiara shall watch her during the day and i shall take over in the evenings"

"Stability is what she needs Compton, don't let me down" she instructed.

"Of course Mel, I wouldn't even dream of it" he smirked.

"Well, i have a busy evening ahead, forms to fill out...Oh and we received your donation. Too generous Bill, but it will be used wisely" she thanked.

"It is my pleasure, i am more than happy to help such a generous cause"

"Well, it is appreciated. Now I must go, my husband won't appreciate me being late" she joked.

"Farewell Mel, until Sunday" Bill inclined as Mel began gathering her things to leave.

"She's a lucky woman Bill, this...Kiara. I hope she treats you right" she commented.

"I am sure she does" he chuckled.

"I shall be here at 7pm sharp. Don't keep me waiting Bill. Goodnight" she waved as she left his office and out of his home.

Bill waited and listened until he felt that she was out of hearing range, and his body slumped in his chair, he found it difficult to keep a strong front up around him. When all he could think about was tearing into her throat and draining her dry, his body begged for release.

But until Sunday, he would play the doting father, and after that......He would return to the King of Louisiana.

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