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I Know You Will Make It Through Alive. Cause You Never Said Goodbye

Judith Vardamon

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Sexual I Know You Will Make It Through Alive. Cause You Never Said Goodbye

Post by Judith Vardamon on Fri May 17, 2013 3:54 pm

Judith could feel every nerve in her body twist and turn, her body aching for the thing that she needed most, but knew would never come. She did not need to hear the words come from her darling brother, but she could feel it inside every inch of her body. It seemed actions spoke louder than words in this situation, but not words would help rectify it, but only her own selfish actions could.

Judith knew what she had to do.

She sat herself down at a desk in the room that her brother Bill had provided for her during her stay, searching out a pen and piece of paper, all her emotions that she had been fighting to keep back where beginning to resurface. She had spent the night trying to fight that back, she could not and would not break now. She knew that if her emotions god the better of her, she would stop and change her mind. But she knew this was the right to do.

He was no longer the brother that she remembered, that she cared for, that had once loved her all those years ago. He was gone, replaced by someone that she no longer recognized, a shadow of himself. She quickly wiped away the single red tear that had fought its way through, seeing the red smudge on her pale skin. She was doing the right thing, she had to be.

Putting the pen to paper, she began to write freely, everything flowing through her writing, things that she could not express to her brother verbally, but hoping this would send some comfort his way.

My Dearest William
Brother dearest, the time has come for me to leave, I believe that i do not belong here as i once believed that i did. Do not mourn my loss, as i mourn a loss far greater than i ever believed possible, a vampire is never truly immortal William, head my words on that. The reason was not that I loved you little; I love you just as purely and fervently as other sisters loves their brothers. Don’t be frightened and sad because I am not coming back. Learn, my brother, to look at life early as a serious matter. Life is hard, it does not pamper anybody, and for every time it strokes you it gives you ten blows. Become accustomed to that soon, but don’t let it defeat you. Decide to fight. Live. You have and will always leave an imprint on my heart that will go with me, wherever it is I’m going. As i have you my dear brother. Perhaps we shall meet again, in this life on the next.

All My Love, Judith

Judith could feel everything inside on the verge of tearing up the letter that she had just written, but a part of her knew that this was for the best. There was another piece of paper underneath the one that she had just written to her brother, she knew what she had to do as she placed pen to the blank sheet of paper;

My Brother is a fragile man, he is not one to speak his mind as we both know well. He is not the man that I once knew, he is gone. The man that is my brother is a vampire of few words, but he loves you like he once loved me. Take care of him, protect him, guard his un-dead heart. Your all he truly has, protect what belongs to you, and revel in the rewards as i once have. You have my blessing.


Finding two envelopes she sealed them both with a wax stamp that she knew her brother would insist on using, a part of history still used today she smirked. Leaving only her cell number for the wolf, not knowing if she would give it to her brother or not. She already had her things gathered and ready to go. As she gathered her bag and the two letters, passed a guard on her way out of her room.

"Give this to Kiara....And only to Kiara. Do you understand?" she spoke, catching his gaze, glamouring him to remember her commands.

"Yes Ma'am" he replied.

"Good...Now have my car brought round" she instructed.

"Yes, Ma'am" he replied still caught in her gaze.

"Thank you" she smirked.

Letting go off his mind as she descended the stairs as she could hear the guard instruct that her car be brought around to the main entrance. Dropping her bags at the door as two guards took her bags and retreated outside to wait. She quickly scanned out in search of her brother, hearing him not on the same level as her. She quickly entered his office finding it empty as she gently placed her written letter on his desk, knowing that he would find it.

As she took one last glance around her brother's home she could feel herself tearing up, but refusing to break now. She swiftly turned and exited the large mansion heading straight for her car that was ready and waiting for her, the engine gently purring as she nodded in thanks to the guard as she climbed in. Putting her foot to the gas, the up-kick of gravel spraying from the pressure of her wheels, she began to hit full speed as she passed the gates that protected her brother's estate. She cast a glance at the lights blasting from the windows, memories filling cell in her cold body.

"Goodbye William" she whispered.

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