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Just two nights...

Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Just two nights...

Post by Kiara Griffen on Thu May 30, 2013 3:01 pm

Kiara sighed. She hated leaving the mansion now days. Even though Bill's blood had given her a much needed pick me up it didn't seem to last. She awoke shortly before sundown despite the clouds providing good cover from the sun. She looked around and found herself alone...again. Bill was surely busy she thought as she made her way to the bathroom.

After a long shower and freshening up she got dressed and packed a small bag. She had to spend the next two days undergoing more tests since the vampire blood must have had some effect on her. She took her bag down where a guard was waiting. She knew her employee was waiting outside the gate since Bill seemed to be a tad overzealous with everything now days.

"Take this to the gate please" she said and the guard nodded. Once the guard was gone she went over to the pantry where the blood was kept. She had been keeping a secret bottle of blood away for a special occasion but since now every day was precious she felt it was a good time to use it. She took it out and wiped it. It was special virgin's blood, mixed with a hint of fae and all given a mildly fruity taste.

She brought it to the office which was empty. Curious....
With a shrug she set the bottle down on the desk and pulled out one of the stationeries Bill used for his official letters. Using a nearby pen she wrote down a quick note for him.

I'll be gone for the next two nights... just getting some routine tests so don't worry. Thanks for the blood too, Dr. Ludwig gave it to me.
Heres a little something for you to remember me while I'm gone, I hope you like it I made it with you in mind.

I love you

She set the note right by the bottle and closed the door to the office. She knew no guards would disturb it.
"Your car is waiting Mr Griffen" said another guard as he escorted her out. She nodded and went outside to the calm night. The car was there and her employee waved at her in a friendly matter. She took a deep breath and walked over to where the gate was open.

It was just two nights, then she'd be back with Bill, what could possibly go wrong?

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