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Bill Compton Was Something More

Bill Compton

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Sexual Bill Compton Was Something More

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Jun 17, 2013 11:10 am

The feel of the smooth cool tiles against his bare feet, he could feel everything against his skin. The change of the rising and falling temperatures around him. He was connected to everything, he was one with everything. His new found senses could spark in his fingertips. The crimson of his own blood that glided over his skin, another layer of his divine being. Feeling the hot water trickle down his skin in waves of steaming hot waves of eternal purity. 

He could feel everything.

Bill Compton had been given new eyes, he knew that now. He now felt wave after wave of strength flow through his veins, her blood flowing through his veins. 

Lilith, the one True God was now apart of him. His memory no longer clouded by visions of self doubt, betrayal. It had all been washed away, his mind and soul were now clear. He no longer had no reason to doubt his existence, no apologies for what he was or what he would never be. He no longer felt empty....Alone. 

Everything was gone.

The emptiness, the void...The heaviness, the sighs of his former life. All of it.

He was stronger, resilient.....The days, weeks, months and years...All meant something to him now, all those years of sorrow and darkness, it all led him to this point in his life.

His rebirth as a vampire, as someone who he knew himself to be.

Remembering the moments of his own rebirth;

The memories burned into his mind, no longer having to force himself to forget anything. His instincts of self regret no longer existed. He was Bill Compton....But now he was something more
He understood that, but to what ability of his existence still remained unclear.
Watching as the blood swirled around in a spiral down the sink, freeing himself of any blood that clung to his frame, his hair now fully free of his own blood.

He gazed into the mirror, no more blood on his pale skin. The body of his former self now clear again, the silhouette of Lilith behind his eyes, he knew what he needed to do. 
He needed his progeny by his side. He needed to explain everything that had happened to him.
There was a new whole world open to him...And he wanted to share it with her, he was something new. But yet apart of him still didn't understand.
What was he?

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