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Whatever I am. You Made Me

Bill Compton

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Sexual Whatever I am. You Made Me

Post by Bill Compton on Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:32 pm

That deep piercing pain as the wooden stake scraped against the softness of his un-beating heart, his body forcing the small splinters of wood pushing them from his chest, piercing through his smooth skin feeling the shard caressing against his shirt. His own blood coating his hands as he removed the end as he let out a grunt as he dropped the bloodied piece of an attempted try at a instant stake.
Bill Compton could still feel the piercing sensation throb across his chest, he remembered as though it just happened moments ago, but mere hours ago, the woman he once loved had staked him to save the Sheriff Eric Northman. True he had meant no harm to any of them, but if he was forced to   defend himself again, he would not be held responsible for his actions. He was more than a mere vampire, he was something else. Whatever he was....Lilith had made him, created and molded him into a new species of vampire. To survive a staking was some heavy shit. And Bill knew that. He had staked more than enough vampires through his entire lifetime to know that once a vampire was staked, they became nothing more than a pile of blood and goo.
But yet that did not happen to him.
What was he?
He had been asking himself that question for so long now, he just couldn't understand what Lilith had made him into. Something more.....Something different. He would never question Lilith's faith in choosing him. 
He was the Chosen One.
But now he had all these powers;

That he did not understand, it was physically impossible for a vampire to have such powers.
What was he?

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