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Duplicated Pain

Bill Compton

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Sexual Duplicated Pain

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:44 am

"I can feel them!...I can feel all of them. All of their pain. All of the vampires!"

"I need you to focus...I need you to help me....Cause I don't know how to help you"

"They are whipping her with chain! And she can't get away!"
"Bill i don't understand?"
"And there is another one...And they have trapped him"
"He's going to burn!"

"They are dragging him behind a truck!.......They're laughing!" he screeched, as every inch of him shook as the duplicate of pain and agony the vampire that he could see as clear as day in his mind. His hands clenched together in fists as his nails dug into his flesh, breaking skin as he trembled as he hissed through clenched teeth
"I don't know!...But i can't help him!" he growled.

Bill could hear the words of his progeny Jessica, but yet his body did not respond. He felt tapped, unable to do anything. His mind hurled his pain, attempting to force his lips to move, but they did not. He could had never felt so weak, Lilith's blood that coursed through his veins felt like raging pits of blazing fires. His body aching for release, every single drop of his blood soaking through every pore of his skin, his veins felt raw as they rubbed together in a raw sensation. But yet his body still did not react to his inner pain.
As though looking through clouded glass, he could see the pain that he demise was causing Jessica. Wishing to reach out to comfort her, but yet he could not. His body yearned for some sort of reaction, but nothing. 
What was happening to him?
This new 'power' of his....Crippling him to nothing more than a bag of bones. He could feel them all...Vampires..Their demise stung him each and every single time, he could feel their skin burn although his body did not show an inch of scorched skin. But bubbling beneath the surface, although their hearts did not beat, he could feel his own pound in the deep shallow of his chest, the wooden stake scratch against his un-beating heart. The tiny pieces of wooden splinters that pierced through the soft tissue surrounding his heart....He could feel it all.
See the fear in their faces as their lives were cruelly ended by that of the rebelling humans. His race were in danger of extinction, he could pick out subtle images of those he was witnessing succumb to the True Death....Gone....Wiped from the earth. Because of one man's vision..
Truman Burrell...The Governor of Louisiana.
He knew it now....But still did not know what he was.

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