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She Is Alive....But Where Was She?

Bill Compton

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Sexual She Is Alive....But Where Was She?

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:46 pm

He could smell it!

His body craved it.

He had become lost in what he was, but the bane of existence still resided deep inside him. His mind begging his body to respond to his words, but his hand would not move. He willed with everything that he had...Nothing.

His body called for her blood, every inch of him ached for it, his mouth dried as he used everything inside him call for her.


His fangs dropped as he gazed into her eyes, his body un-moving as though he could feel his fangs sink into her already marked flesh, feeling the softness of smooth delicate skin tucked between his razor like fangs. Her blood pooled in his mouth as it glided delicately down his throat, his first time in days feeding on fresh blood. He felt everything inside him spark, his veins filling with blood once again, the tender rawness of his deprived body once again refueled.

And that is when he felt it....He saw her.


Everything flashed before his eyes in seconds.....He could see her as plain as though she were standing next to him, his mind split into two. The softness of her lips against his own, the sling sting as she tugged on his bottom lip. It was all there....He could feel her heart beat against his cool skin....She was here...With him.

She was alive, But....

Where was she?

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