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What Needs To Be Done

Bill Compton

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Sexual What Needs To Be Done

Post by Bill Compton on Thu Jun 27, 2013 12:47 pm

He could see them all.

They had met the True Death.


All of the vampires in Louisiana.


He could smell their flesh burning from the rays of the UV light.

"Bill...Bill I don't understand...Who is going to burn?" Jessica quizzed him again.

Bill had the scene playing over and over in his head. The duplicated pain flooding his system, forcing himself to not tell Jessica what he had witnesses for her future. He would not let that happen.

He couldn't.

He would not loose her, she was all that he had left. His only true progeny.

"Forgive me Jessica...I need to be alone...Do not leave the safety of this house. Do I make myself clear?" turning to catch a glimpse at her as she merely nodded to his command "I shall return" he spoke as he turned from her as he headed towards the grand staircase as he headed straight to his private personal quarters.

Feeling his cheeks weighing heavily with streaks of his blood that had dried into his skin, closing the doors behind him as he headed straight into his large bathroom, as he gazed into the mirror, gazing into eyes that bore back at him in the reflection.


He swiftly turned as he was met with the vision of Lilith.

"Save her.....Tell me how to save her" he commanded.

"You know what you must do"

".....I cannot do that to her...She is a living person"

"Then your progeny will die....Suffer at the hands of the humans"

Bill contemplated what Lilith had once told him, that he would be given choices that he must make for himself.

"......What do you need me to do?" he whispered as he sank to his knees, bowing his head in surrender to her wishes.

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