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Her Name Is Kiara

Bill Compton

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Sexual Her Name Is Kiara

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:22 pm

"Oh I'll get more, and you will not stop until you synthesize it. Do you understand?"

The blood needed to be synthesized...It had to be

There was no other option, Mr Takahashi would synthesize the blood of the Fae. He would have no choice in the matter, Bill was still relaying the memory of what happened with Jessica. He couldn't get it out of his mind, her screams echoing in his ears as though it was happening now.

He would not loose Jessica.

Climbing the stairs towards his office, wishing to be alone knowing that he could hear Jessica's attempts to entertain Andy Bellefleur's children. The steady beat of music blasting from the speakers in the lounge, one that she demanded that he have installed. And of course he bent to her will and bought one for her, to indulge in the teenage lifestyle. He was not one to keep it from her, he had all the money in the world and anything that she wanted she would have.

He quickly found a disturbance, he could instantly pick out the sound of his progeny's voice and three of the young un-named girls, but not the fourth. With his extra enhanced hearing that he had obtained recently, he was easily able to search out the fourth girl, upstairs in his bedroom. He had forbidden Jessica from entering his personal quarters, casually he began heading towards his bedroom, listening out for what she may be doing.

Slowly he began opening the door as he peered inside his own room as he found the young brunette perched on the end of his bed, he could see several photographs sprawled out across the duvet.

"What are you doing?" he quizzed.

She dropped the small pile of photographs from her hands as they heaped to the floor.

"I-I-I am sorry Bill. I-I was just looking round. I hope you don't mind" she blushed crimson.

"This room is out of bounds" he quirked his brow as he entered his room.

He walked around his bed and began gathering the few photo's that were scattered across the floor, not glancing at them as he already knew what they were. And it was not a memory he wishes to discuss. He could hear her continuing to explore his quarters.

"You are missing the party with your sisters" he inclined towards the door.

"I am getting a headache, this was the only place I could find that was quiet" she shrugged apologetically.

"I see...Then perhaps we should return downstairs, you may sit in my office until you are well" he offered.

"Who is she?"

Bill frowned as he glanced at her and found that she had discovered his large collection of wall photographs.

"Who is she?" she quizzed him again.

"Her name is Kiara...She was my fiance. But she is gone" he whispered.

"Gone? I am sorry...She is really beautiful" she smiled as she continued to gaze.

"She is...She was the only one that ever understood me. Fought for me to survive. She continued to fight for me when i did not believe I was worthy of living...She is the only woman that I shall ever love" he smirked a little as he placed the photo's back in the drawer.

"What happened to her?" she frowned.

"She left me, and now I do not know where she is...But perhaps one day we shall meet again"

"Why did she leave you Bill?" she continued to quiz him.

"She believed me to be....That is enough for tonight. Please go back to the party" he urged her.

Without another word she instantly left his room, closing the door behind her on her way out. Bill glanced at his personal collection of photo's that he had gathered of Kiara. It was the only thing that he had left to remind him...Remind him of what he had lost. The one spark that he had once felt from Kiara believing her to be alive, but now he felt nothing....The place in his heart which she once owned was now a black empty hole...Empty.

Kiara was gone...And there was nothing that he could do to bring her back.

All he had now was Jessica...

And he would not loose he too, he would fight to keep her alive.

He had to.

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