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Is it the blood, or something more?

Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Is it the blood, or something more?

Post by Kiara Griffen on Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:21 pm

She moaned. Her hand locked in his dark locks, his head moving slightly between her legs as his tongue worked its magic in her core. Oh how long had she gone without his tender attentions…. How long had it been since she’d just surrendered to his lovemaking?

She arched her back, his name escaping her lips in a raspy moan. He was never an impatient lover, instead enjoying teasing her mercilessly until she begged for him to take her to paradise.


She brought her hands to her chest, touching her breasts, her nipples stiff and aching for his touch. It elicited a growl on his end. She knew he was watching her even if she couldn’t really see it from her vantage point. He enjoyed when she pleasured herself almost as much as when he did it. She bit her lower lip and whimpered when he pulled away.

She opened her eyes as he stepped back. He seemed puzzled. As she sat up she felt hands suddenly behind her. No… but Bill was still in front of her

“It’s me….” Said a different male. Once she knew and yet hated that she did.

Raphael turned her around and dipped her back to the bed to kiss her. Despite wanting to resist she found herself melting into his kiss. The effects of his blood were potent and she was a slave to their illusions.

“nnn….no….you’re not…. Him….” She whispered, pulling away despite how desire had pooled heavily between her legs. Bill came up behind her, pulling her to him and growling in his typical possessive manner.

“She is mine” he declared, his fangs coming out.

Raphael smirked as he pulled Kiara to him now.

“No… she stopped being yours when you abandoned her. She is MINE” he retaliated, his fangs now coming out.

Back and forth both males growled and pulled Kiara to their respective chests. Skin against skin kept brushing and it was driving Kiara crazy. She now knew this to be a dream and it was a dream she didn’t think she wanted to wake from anytime soon.

“Boys…boys…can’t we all… get along?” she asked, perching herself by the headboard.

Both males stopped their bickering enough to look at her. Their eyes widened and their cocks hardened before her eyes.

Suddenly Bill was behind her. “The king… never takes sloppy seconds” he whispered, before he thrusted into her whilst sinking his fangs into her neck.

She moaned loudly, that thrust alone nearly sending her over the edge. She was so close, and as Bill moved faster and faster…………

------------------------ Reality------------------------

Kiara moaned more, confined to a tiny room with a couch. Her fevered skin blistered as images spun in her mind. The blood was taking its toll on her sanity, and her libido, and as much as she hated it, imagining them both….sent her over the edge.

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