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The Salvation

Bill Compton

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Sexual The Salvation

Post by Bill Compton on Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:12 pm

The blood of the Fae did not work, but Bill Compton now had another plan, and this time.

It would work.

In his hand he held a small syringe full of blood from his/Lilith's progeny's blood, the blood of a hybrid; half vampire, half Fae. Warlow was the salvation for the survival for the vampire race.

With this blood, it would be replicated and synthesized and made in mass production similar to True Blood, Bill Compton would ensure that his progeny, his vampire comrades would survive, creating a new race of vampires that would control both the day and the night. Limiting their main weakness from the rays of the blistering sun, an affect that Bill knew himself, having been tested by Lilith, guiding him into coming to the solution of the task that she had delegated to him. He was the Chosen One, he was worthy of her power that she had bestowed upon him.

He had beaten everyone else, Salome; his one true competitor to not only the vial that contained the last few drops of her blood, but also his skill and his abilities to see through the false fronts that his former authority figures held in front of him.

Lilith chose him above all others, and for that he would ensure that he remained worthy of her gift she had given him.

He had proven himself more than once that he was the right choice, and now he had proven it. He was the prophet of Lilith, he had command of one of the oldest vampires in existence. And with his help, whether it was willing or not, together they would be the salvation.

Together they would save the vampires.

A new era would be born.

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