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It Was Not Jessica...It Was Someone Else

Bill Compton

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Sexual It Was Not Jessica...It Was Someone Else

Post by Bill Compton on Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:04 pm

"Have there been any new developments that I should be aware of? It has been several hours now and i am getting anxious Doctor!" Bill fought back a sneer that trembled on his lips.

"The more that you that you keep interrupting me, the less work I will get done Mr Compton" Doctor Takahashi snapped at him.

He couldn't handle this pressure, in these conditions it was going to be impossible to do what was asked of him.

"What have you discovered about the blood? This is important! Our survival depends on you being able to replicate and synthesize his blood...Can it be done?" Bill quizzed again.

"I do not know, his blood has far similarities of the blood you gave me before, but this time it does not disintegrate before our eyes. If you look his blood has the same properties as the others, see the crystals. A chemical element that has not been discovered by any other. This is truly a new discovery of something unique. What we have here is something I have never seen before, see the darker cells, from what I can assess to be vampire blood, but the crystals are something else. What is he?" Takahashi asked enquiringly

"Let's not go down that road Doctor, the less you know the better...But can it be done?" he asked again, forcing to keep his temper under control.

Takahashi backed away quickly from him, holding his hands up in surrender.

"Don't do that levitating thing again...Please. I hate heights!" he begged him.

Bill frowned as he folded his arms across his chest as he remained still on the spot.

"Can it be done?" he asked again.

"Can it be done? Can it be done? Pathetic. Do you really think that you will succeed?" Warlow smirked from behind the silver bars of his cage.

Bill turned to Warlow as he stood on the outside of his cage;

"It is none of your concern anymore, you are a vessel. Thee vessel that will save our species. You were created to be our salvation, and our salvation you shall be" he smirked.

"You created me into something that i loathe and despise. You tore me from my family, my people. You created the very thing that destroyed you...You should have stayed dead. Where you belonged!" he sneered.

"True, you may have ended my physical life, but i am the creation of God, created in his image. I can never die. I have been reborn. Things are going to change" he grinned.

"I will kill you! And this time you will stay dead!" he growled, his fangs dropping as he hissed through his teeth.

"As your Maker, I command you to shut the fuck up!" he quirked.

Warlow fought to say something in return, but his lips would not move. Without Bill's command he could do nothing but sulk in his cage. Giving him a lingering smirk as he returned to Takahashi who began busying himself with his work.

Suddenly Bill felt something overcome him, a shudder of pain had crippled him. A searing pain burned through his veins, he had felt this before...But this was different, it was not Jessica. It was something else.


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