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It's Started

Bill Compton

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Sexual It's Started

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:40 pm

~ Not Long After ~

"He isn't coming back...You know that right?" Takahashi mocked Bill.

"Quiet! he sneered back at him.

This was the last thing that he needed right now, he could feel that Sookie was no longer in any immediate danger. A part of him felt a heavy sigh of relief that she was no longer in danger, remembering his last comment to her.

'You are dead to me Sookie Stackhouse'

"You let him go, and now he won't come back" he laughed.

"One more word, and I shall tear your tongue from your mouth!" Bill snapped.

He closed his eyes again as he tried to focus again on summoning Warlow, but the place that existed inside him where he could feel him...Was gone. What had happened to him? He had allowed him freedom to save Sookie, and that he was to return.

He remembered Jessica once saying that when she had felt him summon her, it almost killed her. Tore her in two, as though he was squeezing her heart, vomiting blood. He needed to speak to Jessica.

Instantly leaving the comfort of the basement, he began searching out Jessica.

"JESSICA!" he called out as he climbed the stairs, continuing his search.

"Jessica? When I summoned you, how close did I come to killing you?" he shouted again as he entered her room as he scanned for her.

"Its started........"

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