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Brianna Jackson

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Sexual Confusions

Post by Brianna Jackson on Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:39 pm

Brianna hoped that he wasn't going to be like this all the time, she had already begun counting the days out in her head of how long she had been a vampire, which had now totaled as 51 one days. But it had all passed in such a blur that she did not know what had happened to her in the first place. All that Brianna could remember was the dirt pressing against her chest, her nails digging through the soft mud and stone as she fought to take her first breath as she climbed out of her shallow grave.

Someone had attacked her, bitten her. And that was all that she could remember, nothing else. But now here she was; in this mansion with someone who now said was her new father. Why couldn't this be simple? Like when she had gotten her first period? It had been so simple to work out what was happening. All her friends had told her what to prepare for, but this was not as easy as that.

Maybe it would be better to handle if it was just her first period again.

But no, she had to end up a vampire.

She didn't want to leave her father behind, but Bill had told her that she had no family. Everything that she had before the change did not matter now.

Why was she so hungry? She had never felt like this before. Bill had said there was blood stored in the kitchen for her to have, anything that would quench this hunger. She found the fridge that Bill had told her about as she opened it curiously and was met with several bottles of True Blood.

She didn't know where to begin, this was still all new to her. She had never had to drink from a bottle before, she always had human blood. Maybe living with Bill wouldn't be so bad.

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