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In Search of Beer

Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual In Search of Beer

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:51 pm

Jason Stackhouse had been searching the Compton house now for some beer, or anything that he could drink. Jesus he was thirsty, and hungry. Maybe there was some food in the fridge? As Jason began searching for the fridge, opening it as he heard his stomach rumble in anticipation...Nada. Zip...Zilch....Not even a Twinkie.

"Vampires!" he snorted.

He didn't want to leave just yet, all them vampires had been lookin at him funny like he was a meal on wheels snack...But he had to admit, he did look pretty good. He worked out like a motherfucker, watched a lot of porn. And h had plenty of practice in the bedroom, and his 'Johnson' looked pretty fine.

But what he didn't understand...Was why was Violet and Jessica always staring the fuck out of each other? He thought they were friends? Jessica was his friend, he still loved her, but everything was different now. Violet had claimed him as her own, so he guessed he should try and get to know her. But in a way he did know her, she didn't rape him when he asked her not to.

As he heard someone call out his name, he frowned and began sulking. God he needed a fucking beer.

"Welcome to the fuckin Brady bunch" he scoffed as he began searching out whom had called him "They better have beer" he prayed.

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