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Needing a Friend

Brianna Jackson

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Sexual Needing a Friend

Post by Brianna Jackson on Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:01 pm


"Sure...It was really nice to meet you Jessica" she whispered.

Explore her new home, she had already done that. Twice! But she could tell that Jessica did not like her already. All hopes of them becoming friends had flown out of the window. As she closed the door to his office as she began her exploration...again.

Was this all there was to do as a vampire? Sit at home and do nothing? Brianna debated whether or not to stay and listen to what Bill and Jessica were talking about. But she already knew what and who they were talking about...But she really didn't want to hear it, she knew that Jessica hated her. It wasn't that hard to tell.

She never had any problems making friends when she was human, although she wasn't the popular one in high school, she always had friends. Mainly some of them were male, but she always considered them to be friends and nothing else...Until Jamie

Mentally shaking herself of his face that formed in her mind, she did not want to remember him. But what else was there to do? All she had was Bill now, no one else. Bill was her only friend now...Maybe he might be able to talk Jessica around into liking her? Maybe she would meet another vampire? Maybe she could travel with Bill around the world like he had promised her? So many possibilities.

But all she wanted right now....Was a friend.

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