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The Meaning of Life Has Changed

Bill Compton

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Sexual The Meaning of Life Has Changed

Post by Bill Compton on Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:27 pm

The meaning of life meant so much to Bill Compton, everything that he had ever believed in had yet turned out to another false lie. Guided by the trust that he solemnly placed in Lilith. Believing that she was the one to guide through everything. He had given up everything to devote everything to her, he had given up the safety of his progeny, the love whom he had for both Kiara and Sookie for her.

Only now to be rejected, everything taken away from him....Yet again.

Now he was nothing.

All that he had sacrificed had been for nothing, his willingness to join a higher power and become and remain the prophet of the vampire species. He had done what she had asked of him, believing that there was another reason for him to be on this earth. Believing himself to be forsaken a life of eternal damnation.

But she had given him a reason to live once again.

He had competed against those whom wished to seek Lilith's greatness for their own selfish gain, and he did not. He had risked his life to prove that he was worthy of her greatness.

But yet alas, she had left him.

Left him alone with nothing to show for his ultimate devotion.

The life that he once believed to be mapped out in front of him was not gone, a blur of nothing. Now he was nothing more than the vampire before his change. What was he now? Was he now the vampire that everything still believed him to be? Through all of this he still had Jessica, devoted by his side, and now Brianna.

But yet he couldn't help feel as though something was missing, his un-beating heart torn. His ability to give Sookie up to Warlow, to help achieve his goal. Something that he would have never done, but yet being left with no choice.

His love and devotion for Kiara....The one that had left him...Gone from this world. He searched deep down inside of him to find her, where a piece of her once consumed him...Gone.

As he gazed deep in thought out of the window of his home, engrossed by the vampires that still played and danced in the glorious rays of sunlight. Watching Jessica with her new friend whom he briefly knew as James.

But yet all his thoughts were consumed of Kiara....What would have happened if she were here right now?

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