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Peaceful Thoughts


Sexual Peaceful Thoughts

Post by Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry on Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:24 am

She'd since changed from that horrible blue jumpsuit to her red sun dress and enjoyed the sun. She was lost in the days, ever since watching the sun go down with James. What a magical day that had been. It felt like a fairy tale. But who was she kidding? Her life was anything but...

But could it be? A Fairy tale? Was it possible to be happy even as a vampire? Even if she was cursed to the night once again?

So many thoughts ran through her mind as she sat peacefully on the dock behind Merlotte's. Her feet hung into the water as she smiled, watching the ripples of the water with each movement her feet made. Her hands palm down on the wood beneath her as she sat in peaceful serenity under the light of the sun. She hadn't slept in days, she didn't need to. There were no bleeds, no stiffness, nothing. This was the best gift she'd ever received.

Bill's words echoed her mind, about being a sister to Brianna and helping her through it all. Truth was that she should, but she still couldn't get over the fact it was just sprung on her, plus she had Vincent assuming things...that were probably true or at least appearing so. Where did she and James stand? Where did Quinn stand? He hadn't shown his face in weeks, why should she care if he didn't? She looked at the hand her engagement ring once sat and sighed softly remembering the night he'd asked her.

It still brought back painful memories only because of what they had. They were happy..they were together. Nothing could have made her think this is where she'd be now. She slowly stood and pulled the sun dress off, then her underclothes and deciding to take a swim...it had been so long since she swam in the daylight.

A big smile on her face, she dove into the water butt naked and tried to wash the past away with a swim.

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