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The First Blow

Bill Compton

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Sexual The First Blow

Post by Bill Compton on Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:58 pm

"And when shall that be?....Yes, as it was before. But I wish for extra security to be added. Money is not a problem. As long as it is starts immediately...Well I shall wait for you call...Thank you" Bill ended the call in frustration.

This is just what he needed right now, the new security firm that he had ordered was going to take a few days to have a full term contract drawn up. He needed them now, especially now when whatever gift that had been bestowed upon him, the ability to walk in the sun was now gone. In a blink of an eye it was gone, he was once again confined to the darkness. Another thing that he had craved, welcomed had been taken from him.

A vampire, once again a creature of darkness. Which is where he belonged, not believing himself worthy of such an ability, he knew that Jessica was safe as well as Brianna having warned them both of what had happened, coming to the conclusion that whatever happened to him also happened to Jessica and the other vampires also.

As he sank into his chair, in a place where he seemed to be spending all of his time lately. He had not even had a chance to speak fully with Brianna about everything. Although he had hoped that Jessica had covered what he had once taught her once upon a time.

With the news of Hep V spreading like wildfire, Bill was glad that he had stocked up on quite a few varieties of blood whom he had obtained through Kiara's connections. It would be enough to keep both Jessica, Brianna and himself well stocked for several months. Hopefully until there was a solution to this raging disease, infection, whatever it was.

As he poured himself a fresh glass of rose petal flavored blood into his crystal glass, the mansion empty from all sounds other than the ones that he made himself. He felt alone, truly alone. More than he had felt in such a long time. The local paper that had been delivered which was his first step in regaining his former self, back into a routine which he did when he was both with Sookie and Kiara.

As he began scanning through the first several pages of the local paper, the stock markets had dropped severely in the past few months, perhaps it was a good thing that he did not invest in several products that he had planned to, being that Kiara had been the one to talk him out of it. Seems that she had been right, ridding himself of that thought something else caught his eye.

'Vampires Kills Again'

He continued to read further, until several names caught his eye; Sarah and Ben Clarke..The names rang a bell in the back of his mind, but as he read on further. Sophie and Clarissa....Mel. That was when the penny dropped, Mel and Sophie.


Sophie, the young sweet girl whom he had fallen in love with, the child he once considered his own.



In all of his blindness, he had failed in what he had promised not only himself, but Sophie also. He had failed her, and she had paid for his growing stupidity. A young child had died because he failed to protect her.

What had he done?

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