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What The Hell?

Brianna Jackson

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Sexual What The Hell?

Post by Brianna Jackson on Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:47 pm


Brianna has been enjoying the glorious sized tub in her new bathroom, the large tub that could fit another two people inside with her. She had never seen a tub, or been in a tub this size before. But she was going to enjoy it while she had the chance. She did hope that Jessica would not be mad at her for using some of the bubble baths and salts that she had taken from her room, she didn't have anything else to use. And she very mouth doubted that Bill would have anything lying around the house.

With the lights turned down low, the gentle flicker of the candles that surrounded the over sized porcelain tub, the plush bubbles caressing over her smooth skin as she felt herself truly relax for the first time. If this is what vampire was going to be like, it was going to be fun.


Brianna opened her eyes as she frowned as she shot up out of the bath, hearing the voice of her Maker Bill, grabbing a towel as she wrapped it around her body as she left a trail of water and bubbles behind her as she raced across her bedroom.

".....Leave....LEAVE!..........GET OUT!"

She heard his voice again as she reached the top of the stairs as she saw Jessica rushing out of Bill's office.

"Jessica!.....JESSICA!" she called out after her, turning back to see Bill slam the door closed to his office...Maybe it wasn't a good idea to go and speak to him just yet. She had never experienced or seen Bill like this before.

What the hell had happened?

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