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When You're Gone

Bill Compton

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Sexual When You're Gone

Post by Bill Compton on Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:08 pm

Hours, minutes, seconds...Time meant nothing, the tiny specs of sand that created the world, time. It no longer had any shape, nor meaning. Everything had its place in the spectrum of what could be called life...Existence.

But now it meant nothing anymore, immortality was both a blessing and a curse. But now to Bill Compton it was a hatred curse. The blood that coursed through his veins that carried the cells of immortality, the curse of never growing old, never changing as life carried on before his immortal eyes.

Eyes that had seen nearly two centuries of evolution, he had seen some fabulous sights, experienced every part of them, and those whom he had met along his journey to where he was now....It meant nothing to him now.

It meant nothing to him now....Now that she was gone.

Sinking into his chair, the only piece of furniture that had survived his savage attack to vent his rage and frustration. His office a clutter of destruction, no longer resembling the perfect place to conduct work as it had once been.

And yet he felt nothing, null, void, a empty hole where his heart once belonged.

Had vanished.



Immortality a curse.

Condemned to a life of watching those whom he had loved, taken from him. Caused by his own foolish mistakes. He did this....He pushed Kiara away and now she was gone, he was unable to save her from death.

He had blocked out everything that he had once felt...He was numb, emotionless, he did not care for anything...His actions towards Jessica, Brianna...Nothing. For the first time in his life, he felt truly alone.

All that he could hear now was the erratic thumping of the music that blared from his progeny Brianna's room, her way of hiding his actions when she had come to investigate what had happened to him and Jessica.

♫♪♬ When you're gone. The pieces of my heart are missing you ♫♪♬
His red tears stained his face, that had remained the same for several hours, not caring who saw him anymore. He wished to be alone.

♫♪♬ When you're gone. The face I came to know is missing too ♫♪♬
But that was when something caught his eye in the midst of all the rubble, leaving the comfort of his chair as he knelt down between the rubble of broken tables, and shattered glass.

His photo.

♫♪♬ When you're gone. The words I need to hear to always get me through the day and make it OK...I miss you ♫♪♬

His fingers traced delicately over the cracked glass, piercing his fingertips as blood pooled and spilled over onto the frame....This was all he had...To remind him of what he once had, what he had lost.

She was gone.

And this time....She wasn't coming back.

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