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God's Plan

Sarah Newlin

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Sexual God's Plan

Post by Sarah Newlin on Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:54 pm

"It's all God's plan and he RUINED IT!" She held tightly to the wheel of her SUV and continued to speed through the town of Baton Rouge. Mascara streaking her face, blood making her hands sticky. Jason could have killed her if he wanted...no if he had the balls to. He let her go and she'd be sure to make him regret it. Saving his little vampire bitch and ruining everything, ruining God's plan for his light to shine upon them all. She wanted to watch them burn, watch them end like God intended.

"UGH!! I'm gonna make him pay, make them all pay. I'll avenge your death, Truman. You just wait baby, I'll make sure they suffer."

An evil and sadistic grin came upon her face as she remembered the True Blood tainted with Hep V. That'll show those bloodsucking demonic assholes God's will. She beamed and pulled over to the side of the dirt path, exited her vehicle and stared up to the sun.

"Let his holy light shine upon you...." Her face twisted into something evil, "And send you back to hell where you belong!"

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