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Find Kiara Griffen

Bill Compton

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Sexual Find Kiara Griffen

Post by Bill Compton on Fri Sep 06, 2013 12:35 pm

Slumped in a heap, among the remains of what was once his office. A sanctuary of peace and tranquility. Hidden deep inside these four walls hid so many secrets, memories that could be told for years to come. Everything had once had its place, but now it was among the broken and splintered pieces of what could be called furniture.

It was as though the man laying trapped within this room was nothing. He had slowly tried to rebuild himself back to what he once was, but now it was as though it had all crumbled down faster than he could build.

It was not until he could hear an irritant knock on the door as he lifted his head from his lap, as though he was a human drunk.

"What!" he snapped.

"Your Majesty....Your staff reported a disturbance..Do you require any assistance?"

"Do I require any assistance?...DOES IT LOOK LIKE I REQUIRE ANY. FUCKIN. ASSISTANCE! DOES IT!" Bill roared back at him.

"My apologizes your Majesty...Should you require anything else Sir?" he bowed and began to take his leave.

"Wait!" he commanded.

The new guard of his security detail turned to meet his gaze.

"Yes Sir?"

Bill forced himself to his feet as he stumbled unsteadily as he slowly regained his balance, his face still streaked red heavy with his dried blood, his rims still filling up, ready to break again/

"I need you to find the resting place of Kiara Griffen...Check them all! Within the Louisiana state, go further if you must" he instructed.

"Yes sir, I shall have a team deployed immediately" he nodded

"Do this...Find her...Find Kiara Griffen!" he bellowed.

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