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Saturday Night

Brianna Jackson

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Sexual Saturday Night

Post by Brianna Jackson on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:57 pm

"Saturday night, dance, I like... The way you move, pretty baby..It's party time and not one. Minute we can lose, be my baby, ooh, ooh" Brianna bellowed from her lungs as she continued to dance around her room. "Saturday, Saturday, Saturday night, Saturday night. De, dee, na, na, na"

"There's a stranger in my bed, There's a pounding in my head. Glitter all over the room. Pink flamingos in the pool...I smell like a minibar.. DJ's passed out in the yard. Barbie's on the barbecue.. This a hickie or a bruise" the lyrics screeched from her lips as she continued to wiggle her hips in tune with the beat.

This was the first time in what felt like forever that Brianna could finally let her hair down. Everything had been so gloom recently, so this was what she needed. Having ' borrowed' Jessica's Ipod and speakers from her room and scanning til she found they pretty much had the same taste in music.

She had now discovered that she had all this extra speed, faster than humans. She could be an athlete for Team USA in the Olympics in 2016...If they held them at night..Was that even allowed?  She had heard rumors from all the gossip magazines that Usain Bolt the Jamaican runner was a vampire...But he could go out in the sun? Maybe he had the powers that Bill once had that allowed vampires to go out in the sun?

But right now she didn't care, all she cared about now was having fun for the first time since becoming a vampire. As the room drew silent as the song ended another one soon blasted from the speakers.

"All I ever wanted. Was to see you smiling. I know that I love you....Oh baby why don't you see?" she screamed.

Jumping from the floor as she started jumping on her bed, starting off at human speed and increasing to vampire speed as she started wailing her arms around above her head.

"All I ever wanted...Was to see you smiling. All I ever wanted. Was to make you mine. I know that I love you"

The lyrics filled Brianna with a sense of joy, happiness that she had not felt in such a long time. Maybe, maybe being a vampire wasn't as bad as it seemed. Now if every night was like this, an eternity to live was going to be fun.

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