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Mixed emotions



Sexual Mixed emotions

Post by Guest on Sun May 20, 2012 9:30 pm

I returned to Shreveport with very mixed emotions, The trip to Dallas had started nice and carefree, but then ended on a sad note. After much deliberation on Yvetta's part, she decided her feeling were still to raw to come back home with me.
So here I was at the little shop feeling happy and grief at the same time. Yvetta promised me to keep in touch as she traveled for a bit to get her bearings. I understood the need to break ties with a place where love you had did not turn out all poems and flowers.
I grabbed a few boxes from the back of my van that I had picked up at the small oriental herb store in Dallas. As I opened the back door of the shop I got that feeling again of anger and confusion and could not wait for the next full moon to do a cleansing to help any negative energy to go on in peace.
I made a mental note to call Pam to let her know I was back in town and that the store opening was going on with out a partner, Just little old me. I decided to move into the small apartment in the back of the store to make my money go farther. Yeah it didn't have the modern touches Stonebride had but it was enough room for me and had a full bathroom so it was better than sleeping in my van.
I would ask Sookie, Jason & Claude if they could come by and help me move some stuff around and make more of an effort to get to know my relatives. Maybe claude could give me some business pointer since Hooligans was such a success.
Well here was to new beginnings

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