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Waves of Emotion

Brianna Jackson

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Sexual Waves of Emotion

Post by Brianna Jackson on Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:04 pm

Brianna gurgled on another bottle of blood that she had taken from Bill's stock, having gone through several bottles of various types of blood, not really caring what they tasted like. Bill had told her not to leave the mansion unless it was necessary. But she didn't care, she was having to much fun right now to care about anything else.

"My girl want's to...Party all the time, Party all the time, Party all the time" she screamed as she just wanted this night to carry on forever.

Sliding along the floor in her socks as she continued to bob along to the music blasting from Jessica's Ipod, only stopping when the music changed to another song.

"Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world...Like I'm the only one that you'll ever love...Like I'm the only one who knows your heart" she bellowed.

She could do this all night long, if it wasn't for the sun that weakened her, she would do this everyday. She only wished that there was someone with her, Jessica still hadn't answered her call, as it still went to voice mail as always. Was she ignoring her? Was she lying when she said she wanted to be friends?

Soon through mid song, Brianna felt something flow through her, a crippling agony as she collapsed to the floor as pain flowed through every inch of her body, everything burned through her veins as she screamed out in agony. She had never felt like this before...But something inside her told her that it wasn't her in agony.

"...........Bill" she whispered.

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