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Bargaining and Depression

Willa Burrell

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Sexual Bargaining and Depression

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:51 pm

Laying in her bed, Willa wondered how long she would have to deal with the pain.  She knew that something could have been done to save Eric.  If only she had simply allowed him to kill her that night.  If only she had went back home to her daddy like Tara had told her to when she left her at the merry go round that fateful night.  Maybe, just maybe, Nora would still be alive and Eric would never have left and met the sun. Maybe then, he would still be here and he would be happy.  

Closing her eyes, Willa wiped at the crimson tears that had streaked her face over the past few nights that she had been in the coffin.  As much as she had cried lately, Willa was surprised that she had any blood left in her.  She had eaten once since retreating into her tiny world of darkness, the hunger finally beginning to gnaw at her; tempting her to leave from her tiny box.  With a great sigh, she pushed the lid open and walked to the bathroom, her feet padding on the carpet with every step that she took.  Looking at herself in the mirror, making a face she turned on the water and splashed it on her face; washing away the dried remains of her tears from her face.  She wished that the pain and grief that she felt could wash away as easily.  But no matter what she did it was still there stabbing into her soul, tearing away a small piece at a time, as each night passed her by.  

Walking to the large well stocked pantry area, Willa grabbed a bottle of the blood that was stored there.  Popping the cork out of the spout, she took three large gulps from the bottle before turning back upstairs.  She didn't care if Tara was worried about her or about anyone else for that matter.  Right now, all she wanted was to drink her blood in the darkness and sleep until the end of eternity.

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