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New Instruction

Bill Compton

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Sexual New Instruction

Post by Bill Compton on Tue Sep 17, 2013 1:37 pm

He needed to be alone.

He couldn't think;

He felt like he was drowning, waves of water crushing down on his chest. Struggling to fight for a single breath as though everything inside him was dying all over again. He wanted to understand; but he couldn't.

Bill could faintly remember what happened last night, that's the reason why he was sitting there. In the room that he and Kiara first met; where it had all began. He couldn't think clearly; see straight but yet he continued to see glimpses of her. Her baby blue eyes with a soft hint of grey, her silky chocolate hair, her soft peach soft skin that sheds a smile ever so often.

As though a blunt knife digging deeper into the guilty walls of his soul, his bluntness of his actions coming to a full stop. Everything that he had done had led to this moment, the images of what he had seen in video that Jessica had shown him replayed vividly in his mind as though he repeated it over and over.

"What have I done?" he whispered again to himself.

He had destroyed her; turned everything that was good and pure about her and destroyed it. He had taken her love and thrown it back in her face. Turned her away when she needed him the most. Bill Compton had killed the Kiara that he had grown to love, she was gone. As he peered around the room. His eyes fluttered open as though he could still feel her; where she had been apart of him. A faint flicker of her still remained trapped away in the deepest part of his dead soul.

Around the room that had once been his sanctuary he noticed a flicker of light , fighting for survival in the dark and dampened room. Faintly, he could hear footsteps awaken from nowhere. As he looked towards the door, the footsteps come to a halt. A shadow emerges from the darkness, and the door creaks open. The ground pounds as the steel cap boots from the black clothed member of Bill Compton's security team.

"What!" he snapped.

"Your majesty, I have some information that I believe you should see"

"Fine!" he snapped again, not really in the mood for this.

As he handed Bill a file as he instantly began scanning through it reading through police news reports of a singular killing spree upon a support group in Shreveport. Without Bill's word he had gone on ahead. As he pulled up the a distorted image of the vampire in question. He soon recognized her instantaneously...

"Willa Burrell....Find her, and bring her in. Do not harm her in anyway. But do what you need to do to bring her in safely. Do I make myself clear!" he growled wishing to be alone once again.

"Of course your Majesty...Do you require anything else?"

"I need you to look into the property of Kiara Griffen. A surveillance team set up their immediately. I want full reports every 4 hours effect of immediately, and if a John Quinn approaches the premises you are to apprehend him. Understood?" he instructed.

"Yes your Majesty"

"Now leave me! I do not wish to be disturbed until you have Willa Burrell in my office...You are dismissed" he gave a flick of his wrist.

This was all he needed right now, a loose vampire on the rounds causing havoc when the vampire race were already bashing heads. This was a loose end that needed tying up....Again!

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