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Standing At The Back

Brianna Jackson

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Sexual Standing At The Back

Post by Brianna Jackson on Tue Sep 17, 2013 2:35 pm

Brianna didn't get it? She tried had to think of reasons that would make sense but she still drew to complete nothing, zilch. Why would Bill try to kill himself over this girl? Kiara Griffen?

What was so special about her that Bill would try to take his own life? He promised to show her everything that there was to be being a vampire. And he did that! Walk out into the sun!

Brianna had tried searching the mansion for some sort of photo of this Kiara, but there was nothing. Nothing in Bill's office that she could find anyway, although she had not search in his room; but she dared not to go inside. He would know that she had been inside, she didn't want to upset him anymore that he already was. But there was still missing pieces of this puzzle that she wanted to solve.

Jessica was no where around again, she always seemed to be off somewhere just when Brianna needed her the most. She couldn't talk to Bill about anything the mood that he was in lately. She had never felt so alone in her life. And with an eternity ahead of her that was an awfully long time to be alone.

She had no friends, no one to talk to about you know girls things, about what there was to do in this crappy town called Bon Temps. She had visited that bar; Merlotte's but that was so long ago. Bill didn't want her going out without his permission. Locked away in this tower, forbidden from experiencing the outside world.

She knew for a fact that she didn't want to feel that pain again, when whatever Bill did that made her go to him out in the sun. But still she didn't want to be alone, but in the end she would always end up alone. Her immortal life would end up just like her human life.

Sinking onto her bed she pulled out Jessica's Ipod as she scanned through a few songs until she found one that she knew very well. Hitting play as she popped it back into the speaker as she lay down on the bed wrapping herself in the covers. The words of the song repeating in her head.

Maybe tomorrow would be a better day

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