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A different kind of pain


Sexual A different kind of pain

Post by Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry on Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:54 pm

She finally left Bill's side after he insisted he was okay. He made her leave told her she should shower and rest...the sun would be up soon. She silently nodded and left his side, hesitant at first since the news she gave him was quite a shock. Making sure to alert his day guards to make sure he stayed put, they agreed and she felt better. Passing Brianna's room, she peeked in and sighed softly. "He's going to be okay...and I'm sorry." Brianna just looked at her unsure what to say and she turned to head to her bedroom. A deep pain in her stomach made her pause and clench the banister for support. It was a sharp, radiating throughout her body and almost causing her to drop to her knees. She squeezed her eyes shut and the pain seemed to move to her heart. It never beat but the pain was intense. It was almost difficult to describe.

Bill...it had to be Bill. His anguish over Kiara...but how? Had their bond been renewed. Just as quick as it started, it ended. A guard helped her up and quizzed if she was okay. All she could do was nod and proceed back to her bedroom, desperately seeking a shower. Her thoughts drifted to Quinn and if he was okay. Why he came to mind she still didn't know. He helped her that night, but left her with no indication that what was between them before still remained. Maybe it was the end...maybe it was time she accepted that.

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